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Aura-Sonic, Ltd.'s "Open Architecture Platform" is maximized when utilizing Elroy, our multi-functional dual expanding wall truck. The spacious workspace can be tailored for almost any on-location function including but not limited to broadcast control room, music mix suite, post production / editing suite, video assist, live studio space, machine room, rehearsal space, high-tech green room, or even a show room for demonstrations.

Elroy's interior can accommodate multiple operator positions all in one space.

The main mixing position is pre-configured for 5.1 surround monitoring.

Elroy's massive input/output capabilities can handle all sorts of production ventures.

The passenger side "Inside Universe" patch bay has 2080 points that can connect to the "Main," "Aux" and "Outside Universe" rack panels.

The "Outside Universe" rear rack panel includes, (3) 56 channel MASS connectors; (8) 12 channel DT12, that's 48 microphone inputs plus 24 line level outs and 24 line level inputs. There are buckets of XLR I/Os, transformer isolated and non-isolated tie lines.

The "Inside Universe" patch bay has built-in utility transformers, attenuation pads and phase reverses that show up in various areas throughout the bay for convenience in patching the various devices.

Elroy's Mobile Production Environment offers a comfortable atmosphere for all sorts of production ventures. From a high-tech lounge / green room or over-flow room to live tracking room our "Open Architecture" platform can accommodate your every need.

Elroy's high-tech studio entrance door is one of a kind with its laminated Suspended Particle Device (SPD) Smartglass and Liquid Crystal (LC) Polycarbonate privacy glass panel assembly.

When you apply electrical voltage to the SPD film by regulating the 120V you can observe a wide range of light-control. What's cool about SPD Smart Glass, is the fact that you can dial in the exact level of transparency.

When you apply an electrical current to the LC film, it immediately turns from opaque to clear allowing see through vision. When the current is removed the glass returns to the frosted "private" state.

Elroy, the multifunction mobile unit with hydraulically expanding studio space has been ergonomically designed for maximum efficiency.

The driver side "Other Universe" rear rack panel handles the A/V portion of Elroy and shall have a variety of interfacing options.

Elroy's "Guest Area" provides our guests a way to integrate their components to the show without interfering with the main production at hand.

As a matter of fact, the "Guest Area" has an independent 48 channel analog "Guest" patchbay and when applicable, its power is completely isolated from the main power.

Elroy's "Open Architecture" platform allows you to configure the room to suit your needs.

Choose from our equipment list and outside resources or you can provide your own equipment. All options are available.

This picture shows the compact Avid Venue Profile console.

Aura-Sonic, Ltd.'s Mobile Production Environments can take on dedicated audio control room tasks, such as music recording and mixing; sub-mix (FX) unit for complex sports events; multiple mixing stations for pool-feed broadcasts; communication distribution hub for multi-network and international events.

Elroy can be utilized for a variety of production ventures.

This vehicle can be uniquely customized for each and every event.

A wide variety of analog and digital console platforms are available.

In this picture (from left to right) we have an Avid Venue Profile, Soundcraft Vi6 and a Yamaha M7CL.

This workflow scenario shows the Soundcraft Vi6 as the main music (or broadcast) desk, with the Avid Venue Profile as a playback (or guest) console and the Yamaha M7CL as the home base (or talking head) mixer.

Elroy is not just a control room on wheels, it's truly a mobile studio.

The sound proof, acoustically treated room can be set up as a drum booth, as shown in this picture. We have tracked bands, done plenty of overdubs and rehearsals on board Elroy excellent results.

Imagine Elroy following you on tour, setting up at your hotel's parking lot (or anywhere else) as your very own high-tech recording studio / production space.

Elroy, a four-wall open studio environment can also be setup as a 5.1 surround viewing theater, product demonstration room or command center to name a few possibilities.

Elroy Specifications:

Mercedes Benz 1419

New York Tags

Gross Vehicle Weight: 33,000 lbs.

Exterior Vehicle Dimensions: 33.0' L x 12.5' H x 102" W

Exterior Dimensions with Rear Platform & Stairs: 40.0' L x 12.5' H x 102" W

Exterior Expando Dimensions: 22.0' L x 11.5' H x 14.0' W

Rear side exit

Power Requirements & information: 208 volts, single-phase, 100 amp service required

Elroy carries 200' of entertainment power cable with Cam-Lok E1016 connectors

All other specs are custom configured as requested